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Meet Chef Jenni Lessard

Hi! I’m Jenni. I grew up north of La Ronge, Sask. at Lamp Lake. My first food business was a hamburger stand called Flight Delight two friends and I started at the La Ronge Airport when we were 14. We borrowed a trailer from the Kikinahk Friendship Centre and served burgers, chips, and drinks to people coming and going from all over the north. I guess today that would be called ...
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Wild Rice Brittle Recipe

NWC Wild Rice is proud to collaborate with Chef Jenni Lessard.  She’s a well-known and award-winning Métis chef, entrepreneur, innovator, and teacher.  We’re grateful she has created this unique sweet recipe to share with you.    This wild rice brittle is perfect for doorstep delivery, to show your love in pandemic times, or to keep all to yourself!  Instructions:  Wild Rice Brittle  Ingredients:  2 cups granulated (white) sugar  ½ cup light corn syrup  ½ cup ...
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Meet Our Harvesters Bruce Roy and Judy Roy

What memories do you have of wild rice harvesting?  Bruce: I started off, I was a young boy, seeing my father harvesting wild rice.  I do believe it was in the late 70s when I have seen my dad bring some wild rice.  It was introduced up in our area. My Dad started seeding on a few little lakes, and the following year it started growing. Everything was done by hand in those ...
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Meet Our Harvesters Bruce Roy and Judy Roy2021-01-18T15:09:51-06:00

Nutritional Qualities of NWC Wild Rice

Nutritional Qualities of NWC Wild Rice Our wild rice comes from clean lakes and rivers. It is certified organic, with no GMOs or pesticides or anything damaging involved in its growing or harvesting. Zizania is the latin name for the genus of plants that produce wild rice. It grows in slow-moving waters. There is a flowering head of the plant that emerges above the water, and offers up the wild rice grains. ...
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Cooking with NWC Wild Rice

Cooking with NWC Wild Rice You can substitute wild rice for other rice in almost any recipe. It’s a wonderful addition to soups and stews, it makes them nuttier and more filling. It can be a simple stand-alone replacement for potatoes or white rice in your main meal. You can add it, after you cook it, to salads. For rice pudding, you can substitute wild rice for the regular white stuff ...
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What is wild rice?

Wild rice is a species of grass that sprouts a grain. This grain is the wild rice we harvest. It looks and cooks like rice, so that’s what we call it! It has a stronger taste than white or brown rice, and a more intricate texture. Our wild rice is organic, and gluten free. Wild rice is high in dietary fibre, protein, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorous. The wild rice we harvest ...
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